Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Little Bit of Quilting Love.

 Well knock me down with a feather, but I think I like quilting. Inspiration hit with this quilt by Petal Plum made for Stef the bride and I have been wanting to make my own Nani Iro version ever since.
 I have finished the top now and have reached the next stage where words like quilt sandwich come into play. It makes me feel strangely hungry .....mmmmm..... quilt sandwich. I found some 50/50 cotton and bamboo batting from Spotlight as I would like it to be light weight for the summer. The binding will be with yellow corduroy.
 And of course, like all crafting phases, it is not enough to have just one quilt on the go. On pinterest there has been a few unfinished quilts appliqued onto fabric, a great way to finish a stalled project.
I began this granny's garden hexie quilt years ago, using a tiny template which meant that growth was very slow. I don't think I will ever get fully back into this particular one so instead I will turn it into a single quilt for the guest bedroom. I am so looking forward to completing it.
I hope you like my new header - I always feel a little strange with blog changes but I am beginning to think that I might like this one even more than the last.... 
Anyhoo, I had better rescue the corned beef and serve it up for dinner.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


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