Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hot Water Bottles and Watercolours!

 Mum arrived from Australia bearing the most wonderful gift of mini hot water bottles. Hugo was delighted and promptly said "They're portable - we can take them on the bus with us"! So of course my first task was to start crocheting covers for them.
 Look at little mini snuggled up with big ummm biggy?
 Here is a message for my sister Lucy who is revelling in the world of poppies at the moment. A little watercolour I painted this morning.
And another painting from this morning.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Thanks for the poppies, they're beautiful! Will have to do a poppy round up on the blog as I've had lots of visitors looking for them!

  2. What a lovely explosion of colour. You are so talented.

    S xx

  3. PS Have added in a poppy round up - had lots of visitors today following your link - and no poppies posted!

  4. love the hotties - I woke up to rain this morning so could do with something warm to cuddle x

  5. Is there any end to your talents, Kate! Love the hot water bottle covers. Mums bring the best pressies.
    Hen xxx

  6. I just love your paintings, they are beautiful!

  7. You are one creative monkey!



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