Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Last Morning of a Splendiferous Holiday.

 As I write this, Jonno is now driving Mum up to the Auckland Airport. What a wonderful time we have had together, painting, crocheting, knitting, card playing, reading, tea drinking, talking, breathing, etc, etc, etc.
 Archie took a couple of photos of us and Hugo provided the entertainment to make us smile. Note how his grandmother found him highly amusing but I, as the mother, was slightly disturbed....
 With the boys.
We love her.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Aaah that's so lovely, I've been reading all your posts of time spent together, precious memories made x Penny

  2. Those photos are gorgeous Kate. So glad you had a wonderful time together.
    Anne xx

  3. What lovely photos of you and your mum, and the boys. It is always sad to say goodbye, but it does sound as though you have had a lovely time creating and spending time together.

  4. Glad you had such a lovely time! Fab pics too - perfect background!

  5. What cute photos. I know exactly how you feel and how hard it is to go or let them go. My mother is in Brazil and when I go visit her I have a very hard time adjusting back here in the US. However, I have to say that I believe we enjoy the times we are together with so much more intensity and I treasure every minute I have with her. I can see it in your smaller that you were other so Rey happy to be together :) great pictures.

  6. It's so lovely to spend time with your mum I'm lucky that mine lives nearby. Next week I am taking my mum to visit my daughter so we will be three generations having fun together.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos x

  7. Lovely pictures, spending time with a Mum is awesome, I enjoy it tremendously when she is around :)
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing memories

  8. Fab pics Kate! She looks like a lovely Mum & Grandma

  9. Fabulous photos and wonderful you had a lovely time. I just wanted to comment on how similar you all look, I can see your mum in you and in each of your boys.



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