Monday, June 3, 2013

On the Farm with Gaga.

 So obviously, presents given to anyone born over winter this year will be a hot water bottle cover. Here is one for my neighbour. I filled the water bottle with hot water before giving it to her because it is so nice to be given something that radiates heat and is not a kitten.

 Here it is sitting in the big basket waiting to be taken across the fence.
 This weekend has also seen that beautiful weather cusping autumn and winter. We took Gaga for a walk on the farm to see the fire crystal tree, a fallen down, sprawling eucalyptus whose dried sap the boys collect. It's a very exciting place to go.
 Isn't it surprising when you find a koala in New Zealand.
 Here are Hugo and Gaga striding out across the farm with their tramping sticks (or tramper-leans as Mum renamed them).
And then the long walk home. Note our little chook shed to the left. Magic happens in there - I will show you another day.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. I love your hot water bottle- the ring of flowers is beautiful. What a lovely gift to receive - you will be very popular with your friends x

  2. You live in such a beautiful place Kate! Your boys must have a fantastic time rambling around your farm, there must be so many interesting bits to explore! Loving the hot water bottles, I'm going to make one soon too. Have a lovely time with your mum! Julie x

  3. Wish I was there! I love your koala - does he make loud grunting sounds too?!

  4. Love the flowers on the neck of the hottie cover.

  5. oh yes ! your stripy water bottle cover is really nice!!!
    enjoy your time with your mum, xxxx Ale

  6. Ahh Kate that's SUCH a lovely thoughtful thing to do - give a pre-warmed handmade gift. It's made me smile.

    I need to see the magic of the chook house!

  7. Oh I'm so jealous Kate. That hot water bottie is seriously gorgeous!I wish I was your neighbour even more now! It was lovely to get your email this morning. Jenny and I had a glorious weekend away. We relaxed and laughed and ate too much! I'm trying to fatten her up before she starts chemo and RT. Apparently she's going to lose a lot of weight and there isn't a lot of her to start with. Glad you're having a good time with your lovely Mum! My love to all of you and a big squeeze for you my dear friend xxxxx

  8. I love your hot water bottle :-) did you just make it up or is there a pattern? I would love to try to make one :-)

  9. I didn't think you could improve on perfection and there you go - a daisy chain. Love the very handsome koala and can't believe you have put Archie on the stretching rack again.

    Just letting you know that someone turning 40 in winter would love one... xxx

  10. Loving all your hotties. What a gorgeous idea to give it nice and warm!



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