Friday, September 13, 2013

Book Time... and Surprise Babies.

 Sorry about the quality of these photos - the light was a bit dodgy and I was worried that If I didn't capture the books while they were together, they would scatter around the house and the opportunity would be lost.
 My favourite read this week was 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn. A wonderful thriller that had such a wonderful twist midway through that I am afraid very little washing happened for our family for a couple of days. The book I am now reading (and adoring) is 'The River of No Return' by Bee Holloway. There is a bit of time travel, a bit of history and some great writing so this weekend is looking pretty unproductive too!
Now, as for the surprise babies, Hugo's chicken Chocolate Brownie surprised us all last night by suddenly appearing with 5 little babies. Hugo was so happy that he had become a grandfather... And as he pointed out to me, that I am now a great grandmother. 
 This is the state of my kitchen bench. I find it very hard to refuse Hugo's style of parenting. He is also going around the house wearing a back to front hoodie so that he can have a chicken nestled into his neck. They actually go to sleep!
I am so sorry, I can't help but sneak in my new tiny world. They seem to sprout up everywhere.
Have a lovely weekend.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.
p.s. What are you reading this weekend - have you been to the library this week?


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  2. iHi!You have so many nice books!!!!I read the Lord of the Flies and I managed to order Crochet Garden in original language here in Italy.It was nice to discover that the university web library where I once used to order my exam books is a good supplier of hobby and craft books,too!

  3. I've read Gone Girl too and thoroughly enjoyed it. It had me gripped and I really felt for the husband. Just read Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver. Off to my book group on Sunday where we vote for our next book. Love your miniature worlds.
    S xx

  4. Thanks for sharing your books.

    A good idea. I've read lots of them during the holiday going to list them as well.

    Gone girl is on top of my list.

    Hugo is adorable with the little chicks. And the story of him and his hood is great!

  5. Just finished my library post - then I read yours. Between us we just about cover all genre.

    Very cute babies - congratulations great grandma.

  6. Cute babies! I liked Gone Girl when I read it a few months ago. I love seeing big piles of books like that.

  7. hello Sweet beautiful babies!..I love to reader!is the perfect moment with a cofee! you have a nice books!

  8. I have just started The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier which I spotted in your pile.The last book I read was Merivel by Rose Tremain and the next on my list is Heartbreak Hotel by Deborah Moggach.
    Handsome son and cute babies!

  9. Such cute babies :-) And terrific tiny worlds!
    Shamed to say I haven't stepped into a library in awhile. We have shelves and shelves of books at home that still need read not to mention a full Kindle. No excuse, I know; I need to get back to the library. Right now, I'm reading Crochet Saved My Life and The Cat Who Played Post Office.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I read the Last Runaway last year brilliant book. Have just finished the White Queen by Philippa Gregory and am starting the Red Queen next.

  11. aww babt chicks! so soft and sweet, I too would want to carry them around in my hood!
    I'm currently reading "A tourist in the Arab Spring" and finding it pretty engaging. I'll be a voice of dissent and say I wasn't too impressed with Gone Girl, I found it hard to care about any of the charactors.
    I did love Flight Patterns though, Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favourite authors

  12. i was NOT born with the reading gene ..and i know there ARE others so designed. my father was one , even tho he adored crosswords.
    it is a hard road tho coz everyone loves to talk of their latest fave read and i have all. fullstop. excluded.what is that?
    hmmm tho i DID just read The Outliers , a non fiction.

    really i would rather look at pictures endlessly stanley's shots completely work for me.

  13. How lovely! And I read gone girl just a few months ago and I really enjoyed it too!

  14. Love your book piles! How to you find the time to read all those exiting books? I gave up on Gone Girl a while back, I just couldn't get into it. I blame the narrators (I enjoy audio books), I didn't much like the female cast. Maybe I'll get the print copy from the library and try again.
    I have just finished listening to the Crow Road by Iain Banks. Have read the book, too. A wonderful story (more of it here:
    Love the chicks and the tiny worlds!

  15. Love the books and the photo is gorgeous with spotty tablecloth!

    after a dash of spring we are back to dim and rainy here, perfect reading and sewing weather

    Barbara x

  16. Oh my goodness, reading your blog makes me miss you and your family! I read gone girl a couple months ago and loved it!



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