Saturday, September 21, 2013

This Week's Books.

 Just a little post as it is a busy day and I have already used up the lion's share of the morning watching the America's Cup. I don't know how to cope with the tension of it. I have to do some simple crochet while the race is on as my adrenalin gets a bit too fizzy. I am also worried that when the cup is over, I will be left with a morning t.v. addiction. I am hoping it's pretty unlikely, but it has been a wonderful thing ignoring all of my jobs around me and reaching for the remote control once the boys have been dropped off to the school bus.
 So here are the books, enough to keep the family off the streets for another week. Thank goodness.
What are you reading this weekend?
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. What am I reading this weekend - some more crafty goodness, some Regency romance (don't tell anyone),
    blogs of course and a new Phryne Fisher mystery. Love Friday Night Lights too.

  2. You can check it out for yourself what I read during the last few weeks:

  3. I'm really enjoying your book posts. Its given me great ideas for what I might like to take out of the library next - I've just finished the daughter of smoke and bone and loved it (now reading the next one in the series). Thanks so much and please, please, please keep it up!

  4. Oh oh oh! Homemade Summer! I just read Homemade Winter so this is on my list for next year! One question; when you borrow a cookbook, how do you go about using and keeping any recipes?

  5. I do enjoy looking at what books you get out to read, I got
    Super Qute,25 Amigurumi Animals.
    Crochet Squared, and Jamie Oliver's new book,watching on the TV at the moment.

  6. Hello!
    I recently stumbled across on your blog and I enjoy reading it ... thank you :)

  7. Ah! I picked up FNL Season 4 on Friday afternoon - so excited... we're up to the last disc already having had a feast of it over the weekend. Sophie loved Gardening in Miniature, have just belatedly returned it... think we might have to ask Father Christmas for a copy! Have a great pile of books here, will try to get a pic later. xoxoxo



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