Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crochet and Botany.

 Sometimes when I am working on a project, I feel like the horticulturist that I trained to be at uni.  It is such a funny way to cross over my past and present, making flowers that are botanically - well, if not accurate, at least recognisable.
Roses give me such joy. $20 for the plant bought years ago has given me endless posies. Even with the house being such a mess, roses in the centre of the table is the best distraction.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. The crochet flowers look lovely and the roses are beautiful, Kate!

  2. They look wonderful (both the crochet and the roses!)

  3. They are beautiful roses, and they have inspired me to invest in a rose plant or two...but first I need to look up how to look after them x

  4. Beautiful flowers (both: the crochet and the real ones!). One day, I want to have a garden with rose bushes too... They smell so lovely!

    Take care,

  5. Hi there, I found you via Lucy at Attic24. We're in Hamilton so not too far away from you :D Was that crochet covered bike at the Tauranga Arts market @ the cargo shed :D If so saw it recently. Another lovely blog to follow to brighten me day :D

  6. Kate, I just stumbled on your blog form attic 24. I think i am in love! The funny thing is my kids have been tramping in NZ for the past 5 months and now they're in Australia. You blog is beautiful and uplifting.thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  7. Hi Kate, I have arrived here via Attic24 and had a quick read of your recent posts. Love your crocheted flowers and though I don't read much(only because I find I get nothing else done) I will keep your recommendations in mind for holiday reading. Love your blog.

  8. Hello, Kate!
    I love your "botanycal touch"!
    I´d like to say Thank you again this year for sharing the lovely Flora Rabbit pattern - every year I use my "male version" in our Easter decoration as well as the little crochet eggs - everybody loves it here!
    Come and take a visit anytime:



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