Friday, October 10, 2014

It's My Birthday (and I can play with Lego if I want to....).

Today is my birthday. Yay. It's a quiet one this year, so many exciting things have happened over the past 12 months that a low key celebration is absolutely sublime. In fact, it's such a quiet one that I am blogging at the moment rather than out at the movies with Jonno (the calves escaped down to the estuary so we had a change of plans). The boys departed at lunch time for a weekend of adventure with their grandparents and cousins, so this weekend will be about getting my studio back in order. I so hope I have some wonderful photos to take of it by Sunday.
Considering that we are only catching up with a few friends over the weekend, Jonno and I will also be eating a lot of cake. This year I made a hummingbird cake with lemon cream cheese icing for the top and raspberry cream cheese icing for the centre. It is so, so, so delicious - hopefully the boys won't be expecting anything upon their return.
 I'm also feeling the luckiest person in the world as the boys gave me this Lego ice-cream truck that I've been beside myself over. It is utterly inspirational and I can't wait to crochet something similar. Have you ever seen such a Lego-ey piece of art!
 Beautiful birthday table.
 My new birthday mug - thank you Gaga and Pa! The tea tastes particularly scrumptious!
 New birthday books - reviews next week!
Archie being oh-so-helpful. What a boy!
Lots and lots of love,
Kate. xxooxx.


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm so happy that you get to chill out & lego (get it, leggo, let go) on your birthday! My birthday is on Monday but I'm hoping to sneak in some pre-birthday favours this weekend & have an extra hour or two to craft it up!

  2. Happy birthday !!!
    Have fun this weekend - let yourself go with the lego ;-) !
    (Ps that icecream truck is just fan-tas-tic !!!)

  3. Happy birthday! Glad to read you are having a chilled out day! Aren't these the best birthdays?

    Take care Anne

  4. Happy birthday to you. I was mine last week!! Lovin that there flower on your cake. he he xx

  5. Happy Birthday. It sounds like you're having a fun one.

  6. Happy Birthday, Kate!!! Your cake sounds AMAZING :) Must make one soon! That Lego truck-I need one! Can't wait to see your review of the crochet book. Are you taking pictures of your studio? Hope so :)
    Tons of birthday hugs:)

  7. Happy birthday! Your cake looks delicious! The Lego ice cream truck is just about the coolest gift ever - so fun!

  8. May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

    Greetings Tinne

  9. Wishing you a happy, happy birthday!!! A yummy cake and gifts too.

  10. A very Happy Birthday Kate! Love your ice cream van.
    With love from Katie in England xxx

  11. I love your blog! Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy birthday have a great weekend
    Jackie x

  13. Lego is perfectly acceptable! and that set is way cute! I've been known to spend friday nights building lego... :) Happy Birthday! x

  14. I have that lego set, too! It is awesome (as is everything)! Happy (belated) Birthday! :)



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