Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Spring Snippets.

It's mid Spring now in New Zealand and the air has suddenly turned warm. Archie sat up in the studio with me today. I crocheted and he read - pure bliss. What you can't see behind Archie is the deck which is festooned with wisteria and the fragrance wafted in all morning.
The wisteria creeps its way across the pergola too, so you can imagine how much tea I am trying to drink under it at the moment.

My little puppy niece snoozing on the couch. I am so obsessed.
 And my amazingo, fantastico birthday present from my neighbour - she made it! I love it!
Whether you are in Spring or Autumn, I hope that the season is embracing you too.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. It looks so lovely there! We are slowly heading into fall and winter here. What a sweet gift. I've not seen anything quite like it before.

  2. How lovely, the time spent with loved ones, the tea under the wisteria, happy spring! We're enjoying autumn here, not many sweet flowers but beautiful colors in the trees.

  3. Who's that big lanky boy? Surely not your first born. My how time flies.

  4. Each season has its charms. But spring is my favorite. How beautiful is the wisteria under your pergola. Should be blessed to not only see but also to smell. Beautiful pictures by the way.
    Nice week, greetings Tinne

  5. Gorgeous photos..I really enjoy seeing your Spring colors and hearing of the warmth that is coming your way. How nice to enjoy the quiet time with your son! My two are still so little, it's hard to imagine having a "peaceful" time doing our own things in the same room ;). The flowers in your backyard are just so beautiful. Don't get me started about that puppy...oh my word, I want to reach in and grab him (her?), he (she) is so precious!

  6. Loving the wisteria! Our little snippet from the farm looked as though it might die, but I've been happy to see some little green shoots appear over the past couple of weeks. Wish I was there with you drinking cups of tea!

  7. What a fantastic present from your friend!! xx

  8. Great spring impressions! It's funny to see how it's becoming warmer over there and autuumy over here :-)

    Take care



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