Monday, October 13, 2014

My Studio.

This weekend (being the weekend of birthdays), I had the absolute joy of having Jonno up in my studio with power tools (that sentence didn't quite play out the way I planned). For far too long the studio has been an awkward dumping ground for all the unwanted or hard to categorise junk in the house. Nothing creative has gone on there for an age. And so, with the boys away, we tackled it.You can see the results above. Note the bench jutting across the room - that's from Jonno's childhood kitchen!
 Paint brush and pencils storage - gaaaahhhhh!!!
 The big man himself. Note the paper dispenser he made for me. Grrrrrr.
A table to crochet and paint at - with chairs!!!!! Maybe it's time to get serious about giving crochet lessons. 
Jars for washi tape and towel rails for tissue paper - this has streamlined the Stanley book wrapping sooooo much.

This was one of my little projects - I've had this box since I was little and with a couple of hooks and some chain, it's now handy storage - I thought I was pretty clever with the string next to it too!
 Jonno put in a bookshelf next to the guest bed (also in the studio) and I propped up an old steamer trunk to become a bedside table.
Most satisfying reorganisation of a room ever. I've still got lots of bits to show you so will start taking the next batch of photos.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate. xxooxx.


  1. It all look wonderful stylish and practical. Go for the crochet teaching :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. What a beautiful space to be creative! I have studio envy now. Cx

  3. Wow !!! What a wonderful hobby studio.
    I can only dream of. Superb !!!
    Wish you a belated birthday wish.
    Nice week, greetings, Tinne

  4. A studio, to do your stuff in, that's a fortunate thing to have. Posh too - lucky you!

  5. Oh wow! I am drooling over the room and am a tad bit jealous! Congratulations on having such an awesome studio!

    Take care

  6. Looks so lovely and organised!!

  7. It's wonderful! So nice to have a place just for crafting, and organized too! So much natural light, I wish mine had more of that. Congrats!

  8. It looks super, what a light and beautiful room.

    The Little Room of Rachell Rachel

  9. Oh Kate, it is marvelous! Is your studio upstairs? It looks like there is a balcony. I would love a studio-just need to actually live in a house, not an apartment, first. If I lived in New Zealand, I'd take crochet lessons from you, even though I know how to crochet! It would be fun to see another way of doing things. Jonno is a very good husband and a good carpenter! Can't wait to see the rest of your studio :)

  10. Well done Kate!

    And a spare bed as well.
    I would be very happy to try it out for you
    (and do a little creative job afterwards :) )

    The big man looks kind of sweet.
    He can bring me tea in the morning and put it on the nice side table you made....

  11. looks great, congrats & wishing you many happy hours of creativity

  12. It looks wonderful, a great place to craft and teach and be inspired!! xx

  13. It's beautiful Kate. So warm and inviting. I want to be there all day every day. I'm sure you'll be inspired to even greater creations!

  14. Looks fantastic! The perfect creative space!

  15. A very pretty space as much as one with beautiful light. How will you prevent the wayward non-crafting items from infiltrating your studio space again? I find when one room gets sorted, it creates a domino effect and the other rooms then need to be sorted as well!
    May you have many happy crafting hours in your studio. :-)

  16. Looks lovely. I am in the midst of redoing my youngest daughter's room to become my craft room. My oldest moved out and the youngest took that room over. I want to get paint this weekend but it won't be painted for a little while. Still trying to decide on the color.



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