Friday, October 4, 2013

Macaroon Attempt No.1.

 So far so good.
 Okay.... They seem to have gone well so far. This is my first attempt at macaroons. I don't quite know how they are going to turn out but I have had a secret ambition to make them for quite some time. Just for the colours alone. Archie reminded me that I don't really like the kids to eat food with 'colouring' in it. It's funny how those rules don't seem to apply when it makes my food more attractive.
And the hot air balloons are slowly beginning to increase momentum. I would love to have a moment of them all suspended from the ceiling before I sell them. 
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. haha isn't it great when kids remind you of your own rules?! I always enjoyed doing it to my parents! Or saying "maybe" to them. Hope you have a good library run today (it is today you usually go?)

  2. they are such a wonderful colour as well! in fact i think that is my very favourite colour at the moment! the hot air balloons would be scrummy in their hundreds from the cieling x

  3. I love your balloons - serious crochet envy. They're fantabulous!

  4. Gah! They made them on the Great British Bakeoff this week, tempting me to try too... Tom has a playdate today, perhaps this will keep Soph suitably occupied!!

  5. Macaroons and macarons are two different recipes, both are types of biscuit but are not the same.

  6. Try using mashed red beetroot or its juice as food coloring.

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