Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Birthday...

Can you believe that it is that time again? What time you might ask.... why, my birthday season. Here I am with the boys (and my bird crown which I thought would be appropriate for the day) sharing my joy. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LOVE BIRTHDAYS - not just mine - everybody's. You can tell that Archie has been through a few of my ones now - look at his slightly bemused face. 
I love this time of year because you can decorate your house any way you like and say "It's just for my birthday". This helps you to justify things like sticking hot air balloons to your ceiling with washi tape.
 And threading pompoms through wisteria.
 Or adding pompoms to the roof.
 Or filling transparent balloons with interesting things.
 (Such as pompoms and confetti - some even had fake flowers)
 Putting birds in with roses.
 And buying pretty straws.
It has also given me an excuse to go crazy over making pompoms with the boys these holidays. Hugo is so good now that he is considering opening a pompom hair salon.

 There have even been a few presents which I will show you in my next post. I have been very spoilt.
 This really is how homes should look all the time.
 Ceilings are very bland without a little bit of party bling....
This is the house two days after my birthday. I will take the decorations down soon but I won't lie, it will be hard. Bring on Christmas.....
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Happy Birthday! And you are right-houses should look like that all the time! I love the washi tape you used! Just more colour and fun!

  2. Happy happy birthday. Love all your decorating, so much fabulous colour.

  3. Happy birthday, it's looks like lots of fun was had! :) x

  4. Have a lovely birthday. Loving your decorations - any excuse I say! And your blue spotty tablecloth is divine!

  5. Happy Birthday to You!!! Mine is in October too!


  6. Happy Birthday Kate!

    Love your decs, you need to come and birthday my house up next time it's mine :-)

    Rachell - The Little Room of Rachell

  7. Happy Birthday!
    These are the most perfect birthday decorations, you should definitely have balloons (of both the plastic and the crocheted variety) and pompoms and fun

  8. Happy happy birthday why don't you make it a birthday month and keep those adorable decorations up longer xxx

  9. oh my goodness...i love that and want a bird crown!!!! happy birthday, you really are a lovely soul! also wanted to let you know you and your beautiful creativity made the Art-Stopping Sunday collection this week. Thank you. xxxx

  10. Happy Birthday for yesterday. loving the decorations.

  11. What a gorgeous colourful day you have had- I love the yellow pom poms with the wisteria. mel x

  12. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kate!!!! I love love love all your decorations!Can't wait to see your prezzies! I love prezzies, don't you? I have to tell you Kate that our Ho Twater bottles sit on the sofa back everyday, right next to me, to be easily admired and stroked. We use them a lot and they make us very happy! I have made you a little bit of Birthday Frippery but it is still here! I don't know how that happened. My brain is like a sieve these days! I must get a wiggle on and actually post it! Big love xxxxxx

  13. Happy Birthday :-)

    Keep the pompoms and balloons up, they're awesome!

  14. Late but... happy birthday! Lovely decoration!

  15. Aw.... that is surely how a home should look like. It makes me happy just looking at the photos... You are so creative and I love your colourful choices!



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