Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mini Hot Air Balloons and More.

 Here is a new pattern I made up last night. I can't wait to get it up onto the blog for you but it will have to wait until school holidays are over.
 I thought they would be handy Christmas decorations - you could pop a lolly into the basket.
Holidays have been very busy, especially with the sun shining. The boys have had lots of friends over (which I have coped with by having them outside at all times). It's amazing how much peace is to be found when you are hiding inside.... But I have also had a snippet of time stitching and crocheting with friends which has been a wonderful thing. I think I will have to do more of that. 
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Oh wow! these are seriously too cute. I wait in anticipation for the pattern!

  2. How cute are they. They'd also make a great mobile for a baby, or a garland for a child's bedroom.
    S xx

  3. gorgeous balloons !!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  4. yep these arre beautiful! sharing and creating with friends...the stuff of life! x

  5. I think a tiny mice couple would like to go on a romantic hot air balloon ride! LOVE THEM!

    Cindy Bee

  6. The balloons look really great,you are sooooo good at crocheting..very jealous...

  7. I love these, so cute! I second the idea of a couple of mice going for a flight in a balloon

  8. It is so lovely to see such clever original ideas. Just lovely x

  9. How nice are they ! I do like them.

  10. simply adorable!! I really must learn to crochet.

  11. Oh poo! I just wrote a long and v sensible comment about joys of social crafting and my planned day with a friend in a London sewing cafe - maybe - not having my own SM but doing dong merrily on high approaching and anticipating using my long-maybe-forgotten sewing skills, but stupid Blogger lost it all and I can't be typing it all again.

    I also asked what you sewed, but it's too much to retype all again.




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