Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Carols and Changing Plans.

 Well, Christmas for me has changed a little. Hugo has been sick from a nasty virus since Friday and last night came out with a rash. Our wonderful doctor is not quite sure what it is (nothing serious) but would like us to stay away from society until the end of the weekend which means our plans for tomorrow have changed quite radically. We were having 14 people for lunch but my much loved sister-in-law has said she can have everybody at the last minute. Wahoo and phew. Jonno and Archie will go up for lunch and Hugo and I will snuggle at home together. At first I was quietly devastated for us both (I know it's a small thing but still… I come from a big family, Christmas should be busy and LOUD) but now that I can see how excited Hugo is, I am happy again. He is not a big meat eater and has requested waffles for lunch. I can do that!
He had a moment of perkiness this afternoon and decided that he would like to wrap presents while I was doing a bit of festive cooking. Jonno came home from milking the cows at just the right time and they set to work together. We had the Three Tenors singing carols in the background and the next thing we knew, Hugo was warbling along. Jonno couldn't help but join in. 

 It's such a serious task, to sing and wrap presents at the same time.
 Look at Hugo's joy! Pretty amazing to see after so many days of unending temperatures….

 Little boy hands.
Dairy farmer hands.
Lots and lots of love and a very happy Christmas Eve to you all,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Enjoy your Christmas however you have it - at least you are still with family. Fingers crossed he get better soon. I will have 12 at my house, so very much hoping for fine warm weather.

  2. Buon Natale Kate, to you and your happy family!!!
    xxxxxx ale

  3. Sweet Hugo, it's such a relief when their little personalities return after temperatures. Wishing you a special snuggly Christmas with your Hugo and all your family who gather too xox Penny

  4. Aw ww hope Hugo's 100% better soon. Merry Christmas! Xx


  5. This is one of the nicest,sweetest,the most life loving and the most beautiful post I have ever read.So gentle and tender!Have a great Christmas time!Enjoy!

  6. Sorry to hear that Hugo has not been well, I hope that you are all up and running again soon. I hope that you two have a great day tomorrow with your snuggle day - waffles for lunch hey, doesn't sound too bad! Great that your sister has stepped in to do the catering, family are great.

    Happy Christmas (if a little different!) and best wishes for a great New Year. xx

  7. Hi Kate - sorry to hear about Hugo but I am glad he is feeling a bit better. My little nieces have just been diagnosed with scarlet fever with similar symptoms to Hugo but have bounced back quickly after the antibiotics kicked in. I didn't even know people still GOT scarlet fever anymore! Hope you all enjoy tomorrow. Lily. xxx

  8. Merry Christmas and hope Hugo feels better soon

  9. Ii hope Hugo soon bounces back. So many horrible bugs around x

  10. Just catching up on some of your older posts, your story of Christmas reminds me of the year my daughter had chicken pox erupt on 22nd Dec, and we had Christmas at home, which was devastating news, but turned out to be lovely. Glad to hear Hugo is better now and hope you are enjoying healthy holidays.



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