Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Decorations… part 1.

 It really is the season you know, not just to be jolly, but really, really busy.  After arriving back in Australia I have been rushed off my feet with work which is something I don't always get to write… I held my annual Christmas studio sale which had a lot of build up to but I was also working on a couple of other things. Magazine stuff which I wrote about last post and then (ta-dah) David & Charles publishing in England are working on a craft book and wondered if I would like to contribute some patterns - wahoo. I have three that are coming out in the book and I will tell you more as soon as I am allowed.
 As a result of all this, I have only just put up advent(y) stuff today for the boys. Paperbag/washi tape houses. Inside are all sorts of chocolatey things and I can't wait for them to come home from school and camp to see them. We haven't decorated the tree yet as Archie has been away for the week and I promised him we would wait even though we bought it on Wednesday. Can you imagine the torture. An undecorated tree!!!!!

 To control my tree festooning impulses, I made a washi tape version on the sliding door using sale stars for bling.

It's quite hard to photograph being back lit but you get the gist of it.
I can't wait to hear all about camp, but almost as much… I can't wait to start decorating the tree. At least the house smells nice and piney in the meantime.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. I've missed so much! What a colourful time you've been having, love those Indian headsets! And I love how you are decorating your home this year! :) x

  2. What an exciting time Kate. Love and hugs to you and your boys xxxx

  3. Just love the Washi mobile Christmas tree...

  4. I love the bags made into little houses, what I sweet idea, your washi tape tree is such a good idea too, we once had a tree outline made from tinsel instead of a real tree, which was easier!

  5. What a cute idea the advent bags is! It makes my candle look very a bit boring ;-)

  6. The christmas tree is wonderful - and it looks great in the photos! - and so are the advent houses. Good luck with your book project, I hope that it goes really well for you. xx

  7. Great idea for the Christmas tree on the door... Love it.

  8. I found a lot of inspiration on your post! What a lovely decorations!
    We have something in common: we share from our creations for Christmas occasion.
    Please come and visit my blog.

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