Sunday, April 19, 2009

boy colours and girl colours

I have two boys so my life is made up primarily of blue and white stripes, or if we are feeling a bit jolly, red and white stripes. I love stripes and sometimes have to physically hold myself back from the boys when they are getting dressed for fear of turning them into barber poles. Our house is full of yellows, reds, blues, greens and deep dark pink (which the Archie and Hugo consider to be boy-pink) but there is certainly no pale pink to be seen. Our boys are the old-fashioned climb the tree and jump from a great height kind. They love Robin Hood and Buzz Light Year and Archie wishes his middle name was Arthur and his first, King. All in all, it is a household of boys.

This morning I found myself at home alone and sneakily climbed back into bed with my wool to finish a particularly girly movie I began the other night. And to my surprise, I found myself reaching for the palest pink I could find and started to crochet these blossoms (yes, from another Attic24 tutorial). Even the mid morning light found in my bedroom was unknown to me as I tend to banish myself from there until after lunch. I find the temptation to dive back into my sheets is too much for me to handle. So this is how pale pink looks in the morning, in my house. Interesting.

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  1. Beautiful! I can't wait for my brain to let me try this new thing...



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