Thursday, April 2, 2009

Learning to Crochet

Finally I am doing it.... learning to crochet. I looked up 'how to crochet' on youtube and found a great tutorial by Bethintx1. It was fantastic and such a great way to learn because it allows you to pause and repeat steps until it all begins to make sense. It really is like plugging into a global crafting community and I kind of feel that any skill I have ever wondered about is now accessible. Lucky I am not interested in terrorism I guess. By the way, the red circley-square was my first attempt. It is now Ted Ted's little blanket so good to know it is useful already.


  1. They have come out sooo well, I see an obsession coming... :)

  2. Yes, another new obsession! Do they take long? asks the impatient sister...

  3. No - incredibly fast, that's the thing that really surprised me.

  4. Dear Kate, are you still based in Tauranga? wild & grace are hosting a crochet/yarn bombing arvo at the end of February which you can view online at Would you be interested in coming to help us newbies? Perhaps you'd know others that would like to come also. we're also able to be viewed at



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