Thursday, April 2, 2009

Secret of the Leaf

Hugo and I were hanging out in his sand pit today making leaf prints. With a turn of the cogs, the universe shifted and we suddenly realised that the pattern of the veins reflected the shape of the tree with all of its many branches.

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  1. I absolutely LOVED re-discovering the world - with all its wonders - when my children were little...EVERYTHING is new to them!
    When they are babies - til when they get to their sassy stages - they love to discover "new" things - like blades of grass - leaves - just watching ants collect 'stuff' to bring back to their nests....watching momma birds teaching their babies how to fly, to feed themselves - JUST EVERYTHING in the world!
    When I see young couples with babies now (mine are all grown with babes of their own), I tell these folks to let their babies discover everything around them...the Lord has given us so many beautiful things to make this big, old world beautiful! Help your children discover as much as they can! (and you, too, will appreciate all around you so much more!)



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