Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Baby Kimono Jumper

It's finished. My first knitting foray since I cut my finger (as in severed nerves in the knitting spot on my right index finger) and I feel like time-travelling to my past self to say "It really will be okay and by the way, do not eat that box of chocolate, it is not going to love you back, it is going to stick and at the end of the day, you are not going to be happier for it". My sister Lucy recently blogged on knitting stripes and she commented that stripy knitting makes it so much easier to count. It is so true and certainly helped this jumper to kind of wizz by.
Another rose shot with flowers from Auntymum. Anything that catches the morning light, intensifies it and passes it on to us with beauty radiant deserves a spot on my blog.
I'm also feeling really inspired by the scent of water and have even had a bit of bloggingy chat (as in comment to comment) with Megan over the internet. Her site, let alone her blog's name, is divine so check it out.
I hope the spelling is accurate, the spell check is rebelling... or having the weekend off. I bet it wasn't woken at 4:15am by small children convinced it was morning and ready to play "But we are being so nice to each other Mummy" "Hurrrummph".

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