Friday, May 8, 2009

Old School Roses

These roses are old school. Not as in being an old fashioned variety, but rather, those fantastic roses bred during the 1960's -70's just for their bloom alone. Big, beautiful, fat heads bursting with fragrance and covered with gigantic thorns on their long, strong stems. No politically correct David Austens' (though I do like them) trying to introduce an attractive bushiness into the deal, just an honesty where it is all about the rose. I love them. This bunch was a present from Auntymum and her mama where I went for a lush morning tea yesterday. Belinda did such a great job I didn't even eat lunch, keep in mind there was the best gluten-free carrot cake I have ever gorged upon (picture me lying on the kitchen floor swallowing it whole like a snake) and there was even an extra bowl of cream cheese icing which to me spells l-o-v-e.


  1. They are beautiful. Love the pics too. Good to speak earlier on, proves we haven't forgotten how!!

  2. These roses are beautiful! My garden is all native plants which I love but they are not as colourful as the English imports. I think I need a bed of roses!

  3. Sometimes you just need roses to pick.



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