Friday, May 1, 2009

Roses and Knitted Jumpers

At this moment in time I am blogging from a friend's house. She is sitting in the next room feeding her baby dinner and has something delicious simmering on her stove. Of course I will help her when she needs me, I am only too willing but right now, everything is under control. I am pretending I have a wife, just imagining it and trying to get Jonno's perspective. And it's amazing.... I want this all the time (but without it being weired - I haven't figured this part out yet), the house smells good like food and children are being cared for and I think the scent of clean, warm towels are drifting down the hall from a neatly folded cupboard. It's heaven. And what am I doing - important work on the computer.
However, the place where all of my thoughts are tangled up in is with my best friend Rosie who became an aunty this week to little Sam Henry (congratulations to Penny and Dave too). He doesn't even know how lucky he is because he has actually caught himself the most wonderful aunt in the world. Rosie is new to auntyhood but has had plenty of practise with godmothering and so forth. My family adore her and wish we could keep her on our wall or in our bookshelf and force her to be our aunty as well. And so, the knitting needles have come out again to make something very small and very stripey for a very fresh new citizen of the world. Hugo thinks it's nice and soft.

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  1. Hello - just found your blog through a bit of serendipitous surfing, and wanted to say I just love all the colour and inspiration here.



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