Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beach Holiday

Goodness me, we have just returned from a beach holiday half an hour ago and already I am glued to a computer screen catching up on the latest blogging news. Thank you so much to everyone for your lovely comments while I have been away. It was so wonderful to come home to and thank you so much to Kirsty for your kind words.
We had the best time away, beach walks, book reading, eating, looking at stuff, thinking about stuff, making stuff (me: knitting and crocheting) and have come back feeling so refreshed and full of perspective. Just what we need to navigate our way through what is becoming a tricky dairy farming year.
Archie and Hugo went to their grandparents' for the last couple of nights so I am looking forward to cuddles at the end of the school day. In the mean time, I couldn't help uploading the photo of where they left their ukuleles before we left.


  1. That top photo makes me homesick. So beautiful. I love your crochet, too!

  2. Love the cushion! Hope you had a great holiday!

  3. Welcome home! Lovely pics. Did the boys serenade you when they got back from nan and poppas?? Look forward to speaking to you tomorrow and having a catch up.
    Love your sister, Lucy xoxoxo

  4. Hope your tricky farming year improves. I think this is turning out to be a tricky year for lots and lots of people, for lots of reasons.
    I just loved your cushion. Your colour combos are great. You'll have to make sure to keep that photo forever.

  5. I am incredibly jealous of your chair and cushion. It looks amazing. I really like your painting too.



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