Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Road Trip (or being stranded by a freak hailstorm)

Christel and I set off on our Monday road trip with billowy freedom puffing our mother hen wings. With only one quick stop in Papamoa for books (great library) and fuel we didn't think it would take long..... However, the sky darkened and thunder became a continuous rumble, steadier and more taunting than a cannibal's drum.
Under the cover of rain, we made it from the library to the car and then suddenly, hail the size of bloated jaffas began sheeting down. We managed to slowly manoeuvre the car to the service station and waited it out under their big cover.
The hail eventually settled until it was 10 centimetres deep and we were plunged into a winter wonderland - considering the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand is sub-tropical, it really was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. When it stopped we crept my little car out onto the street, tiptoed out of town and swept back into the drift of the open road.

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  1. That really was the most bizarre storm wasn't it? I'm in Whakatane. Just discovered your blog-what a great name!



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