Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back Again...

Well, it's lovely to be back again... although I haven't actually been anywhere. The computer has. It came down with a horrible virus last week and ended up going to Jonno's brother's house for surgery and recuperation. Thank goodness Jonno decided to be born into the family of a computer genius type person. So for a week we were computer-free which was fine to begin with, even slightly liberating. However, after a few days it became slightly isolating (remember we are on a farm) and then extremely frustrating.
The thing I love about having a blog is that it makes me join up the dots between all of the best and most creative bits in a day. The patterns those dots make then glow when I think about all that has happened which is a really positive way to wind down. The strange thing about the last week was that it was not only the computer that had a nervous breakdown, but also the d.v.d. player and my camera as well. It has been very hard not to join these dots together into a dull murky picture.
So, a lot of deep breathing has been going on and constant reminding that outer circumstances do not dictate inner peace - lots and lots of reminding. In tune to the clicking of needles. Archie's jumper now just needs lots of tail tucking and then I will have a big photo session with him. Thanks for still looking at the blog while I have been out of action, it is so exciting to be back. Have a good weekend!!!!


  1. I'm here! I have come to believe that February is a month to get through; some fly by without much effort, but every year it seems that February tests my will. In other words, lots of deep breaths here too, and lots of clicking needles! :)

    best - Annri

  2. Glad you're back. We missed you!

  3. Isn't it amazing how we have come to depend on the humble computer, I would be lost without mine. Like your blog and visit often.

  4. oooh. look at that jumper!
    looking forward to the photo session.
    have a lovely day. xx

  5. Archie's jumper is looking gorgeous, can't wait to see the fashion shoot! It's soooo good to have you back Kate, I've missed you, and have been checking your blog to see if there's been any movement. Your Mum kindly let me know that your computer was in hospital.When I saw the first photo in this post, I thought yipee, kate's back and what a lovely start, love the colours in that first photo, and the others too of course, just particularly like that ornagey red. I wonder what you're up to now?! So good to have you back Kate! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)



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