Friday, February 19, 2010

Lots of little mice, all in a row...

Well, it has been one of those incredibly busy weeks that seem to crop up every now and then. Archie had his school boat day where they sail, kayak and fish all day (with lots of fun in the build up) and I started something new. I am kind of a bit embarrassed but I figure it is worth being honest about my recent activities because you never know, someone else out there may be in a similar position...
I am going to whisper it; "I started Weight Watchers on Tuesday". I hope no one overheard as it feels like such an odd thing for an adamant non-dieter to admit to. The problem is however, that I have put on a lot of weight in a short time and I don't feel healthy or even slightly fit. I am worried that if I don't act now and reassess my changing metabolism, my weight will continue to spiral and I really don't want to keep buying new clothes every few months to catch up.
So far so good. Lots of point counting but I don't seem to be missing out on good food at all. It has also been beneficial to be reminded that baking is really not as important a food group as I my head would tell me.
So there is my week's confession. Oh yes and I went to aqua aerobics the other night which turned out to be much better than I was expecting (so supportive too). Aside from that I have been busy finishing my mouse necklace which was given to the birthday girl this morning. I will start thinking about tutorials next week. Have a good weekend, xxooxxooxx.


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