Friday, February 26, 2010

Bunting and Crocheted Bunny Necklaces.

I spent the other day cutting fabric with pinking shears until my right hand resembled a claw.
Just because of this beautiful book - click on the photo for details.
With two birthday parties coming up (one being the crafting party and the other medieval themed), I feel reams of bunting is a glorious necessity. The boys agree and have been so excited watching the bunting fall away from the sewing machine metre by metre. I cut the triangles according to directions from the 'Homemade' book, 22cm wide by 22cm deep and the joined them with biased binding. So easy!!!
Here is a little bit of Heather Ross. I love her designs so much. Especially the unicorn pattern which I have bought to cover the cushions on a chair. - I'll show you another day.
Here are some prizes I have been crocheting (and I will include a tutorial for the miffy-esque bunny necklaces another day). I haven't been able to even start on the mouse tutorial this week - I have been trapped in a sweaty forest of scratchy, sticky, events and horrible colds so my thinker just has not been thinkering along those lines.
A final photo from the 'Homemade' book. Pin the egg to the chook. Definitely something that will be played at Hugo's party. That way they can decorate their own egg as a craft project. I had better find an old sheet over the weekend and start painting.
Today however, I am on bed rest with that nasty cold I referred to earlier. The sun is streaming through the french doors and the house is quiet. A very good day to recover.xxxoooxxx.


  1. I have been meaning to make bunting for ages, you make it look so easy and sweet. I love the crochet prizes too. I do hope you get better soon. It is the pits to have a mind full of wonderful things to do and a body that won't cooperate. :)

  2. Have a good day. Now in France it's time to go to sleep after watching J.O on TV and make small ball you croched very well. thank you for all your good ideas.t

  3. Take good care, Kate! It looks like you've got all the makings for a happy & festive party or two! The crochet prizes are adorable... :)

    best - Annri

  4. Love the bunting!
    I am going to make some to use as props to put on dressers I sell,
    and I am so happy that I saw the way you have used pinking sheers, you have saved me hours of sewing as I was going to sew round the edge of mine, So thank you!
    Hope your hand is happier now.
    Emma x

  5. U r so talented. I'm amazed at all the artist now and crafters that have really come out to show off that this world is so talented! Thanks be to God!

    Yes u do make it look so easy! keep up the great work. I make jewelry and have for 15 years now. go see my stuff if u like!


  6. Feel better soon! The bunting is completely awesome.

  7. Fun, fun! I have the same Heather Ross fabric, it is so pretty. I haven't cut into it yet. I hope today finds you a little better.

  8. Dear Kate,

    Hope you are feeling better soon!
    Take care of yourself!

  9. You poor thing, stress and a cold, that's hard work. Hope you feel better soon. When you do feel better, the enjoyment you'll get from all your hard work will be two-fold. Your bunting looks gorgeous, all those beautiful fabrics you've used, that's special bunting. I've got that book, and it's just a joy isn't it? I love that illustrators work, just love it. We're heading into spring, and you're heading into autumn, and we're both very happy . The change over in the seasons is a magical time. Hope you feel better soon Kate. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)



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