Monday, February 1, 2010

Really, really good play dough.

First a splash of colour from around the house. Because I am now in the middle of knitting a jumper for Archie, I don't have huge amounts of home made things to show at the moment. Instead, a photo of my necklaces peeking out, enticing me to wear them.
Max and the rabbit person patiently waiting for me to attach their sail. Max seems to show his emotions more than the rabbity person.
And some violently red play dough waiting to be mixed with a bit of white. I think if the red ball was to be consumed by a mouse they would end up dead with seven extra ears.
The perfect colour combination for making a strap on laser gun.
Nothing worse than being bitten by your own creation. Archie bravely soldiered on.
This play dough recipe is the best version I have come across so far. No cooking involved and with the cake mixer, super fast. It is from an oldish cook book called 'Pahoia People, Bring a Plate'.
3 cups flour
4 table spoons oil
3 cups boiling water
2 cups salt
4 teaspoons cream of tartar.
I throw them all (apart from the food colouring) into my Kenwood cake mixer. When thoroughly mixed and play doughy, I remove 2/3 and add one food colouring to the dough. Remove when mixed and put in another 1/3. Add a different colour and so on until finished. Ridiculously easy. If children and adults need calming down, add essential oil.


  1. Thank you for the colorful and fun stories in your pictures! We'll have a turn with your playdough recipe later this week; thank you, it's a great place to find color!
    best - Annri

  2. That snake! How funny!

    Thanks for the play dough recipe. Can't wait 'til Cohen is a bit older and we can play with play dough. I loved making things out of dough as a kid and still do! :)

  3. fab snake. dreaming of oz?

    we make that playdough too - but I haven't used the mixer before.

    I add "thieves" oil from Young Living. I love it! It also keeps the 2 year old from eating it. They don't eat colours in their food - and if she snacks on the playdough we'd have to peel her off the ceiling for 3 days!

  4. Fabulous playdough creations! That looks like a good batch too-and I should know-I'm a professional!

  5. I'll have to try out your playdough recipe, I think. The last one we made went dry really quickly and was not as soft as I would have liked.
    I love the wristwatch laser, looks just like something Aesop would make!

  6. So Kate, do you get your humor from your boys, or do they get it from you?! Those fangs on that snake are superb! I've just been licking the screen of my computer (not really, but I could have been), as I was looking at that doily you showed in your last post, it's so beautiful.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  7. hello :)

    thank you for the play dough recipie - ours has just dried up a bit and so this will come in methinks!tl
    My little girl likes to lick play dough...isn't it strange? It seems to be a common phenomenon round these parts, perhaps home made dough will put paid to that!!

    Love Julia x x x



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