Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ready to Sail.

A little boat on a wide and floral ocean.
Behind the scenes - not too bad.
Ship-wrecked on coral.
Hanging out at port.
A bit of rigging.
My biggest work-in-progress being Archie's jumper.
I would love to write a long, interesting and spectacularly funny post tonight but I think I am a bit sapped from the relentless humidity that seems to be tugging grass from the soil to the sky as we speak. Jonno is very happy to have grass growing for his cows at a time of year where paddocks are often brown. And I am too, however, having grown up in a country with dry heat, I find breathing in saturated air a little difficult. I hope I haven't caught myself complaining because this little bit of grass growth is amazing.
Have a nice night. I am off to knit Archie's other sleeve now. Wahoo (I mean it, that wasn't sarcasm).


  1. ahoy! love the sailboat, it has come a real treat!

  2. Somehow that bright little boat makes me feel all sunny and happy. It looks like summer, and i am definately ready for better weather. Not necessarily summer, even a hint of spring would be allright. No such luck im afraid. Snow keeps piling up here in Holland. Anyway thank you for those lovely pictures of the sailboat!

  3. Your sail boat is so sweet. Great work. Sorry the humidity hasn't let up. Our snow is finally melting and we may have a bit more this weekend.

    Try to stay cool.

  4. Ow Kate, your sweet little boat is so so cute!. I'm glad I hopped onto your lovely blog. Till the next time!
    Have a wonderful day,

  5. Kate, that jumper looks bloody AMAZING!! Can't wait to see it finished!!

  6. I remember the humidity when we went to Bali on holiday, phew! It was exhausting, so I can see how you'd be struggling. It did seem to be good for the complexion though! Love the sail boat, and especially the stripy sail, and buttons, gorgeous! And Archie's jumper is looking fab. It will be all ready for when winter arrives, looking forward to seeing the finished jumper. Just think, you'll never knit something this small for him again, as children have a habit of growing, don't they?! Love Vanessa xxx(do you mind if i knit)

  7. The "shipwrecked on coral" made me laugh out loud. =) Lovely.

  8. Lovely little boat with a stripey sail! Lovely little stripey jumper too! Have a good weekend! Ros

  9. I love the jumper, can't wait to see it on Archie!! The boat is wonderful and the coral!! And the sail!! You are a clever little bee and have an amzing way of putting everything together! Love Mum

  10. What a lovely, colorful blog ... Vanessa sent me here!

  11. So gorgeous! I am especially envious of your lovely necklace.



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