Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Peter Pan and the Fairies.

Hugo was invited to a fairy party the other day and as he is only three and a lot, I was allowed to come too!!!! The birthday girl had pink, feathery wings. That's like a dream. Look at how rich the colour is too - the perfect pink. And a cupcake tower for heaven's sake. Wings just didn't exist back in my day, I had to make do with awkwardly flapping my arms while holding onto sticks. I think I know what I would like for Christmas.
Stars in heaven it makes me want to adopt a little girl but then I start to think... maybe it would just be easier if I had a fairy birthday party for myself.
And here is the birthday boy himself, Peter Pan. I made the costume for Archie when he was still at pre-school and going through a major Peter Pan stage. He only took it off when he had the occasional moment of being King Arthur. So now it is Hugo's turn and what better outfit for a boy to wear to a fairy party. You can just see the eye makeup he was wearing (thanks to the birthday girl's amazingly talented mum). Glam rock really seems to suit him, I might encourage it.
Today is my first day since last year (at least that is what it feels like), to spend a day making stuff. I will be sewing bunting all day in preparation for the boy's birthday parties which are hurtling towards me with alarming speed. They probably don't feel it's quite as important as I do but that's okay. If they are not having fairy parties, they can at least have bunting.... just for their mother's sake.


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