Thursday, June 24, 2010


I am so sorry that I have not been blogging over the last week. A million paper cuts from lots of little jobs have finally caught up with me, leaving me feeling a bit overwhelmed, tired and raw. So, rather than using all of my words up (I have a very small quota for each day) I will instead show my favourite splashes of colour from around the house. XXOOXXOOXX.


spudballoo said...

Ouch poor you! Sometimes you don't need words, let the pictures sing for you ;-)


Amanda said...

Ow! That doesn't sound good, chick! Don't go messing with any lemons will you? The pictures are lovely...Lots of love, Amanda xxx

do you mind if i knit said...

I wondered what you were up to Kate, and how you are. Sorry to hear you're feeling fragile, and hope things get better soon and we have our bouncy Kate back. The pictures speak for themselves. Take care.
Love Vanessa xxx

Aubrey said...

I am glad to see your colours Kate, I know how busy you have been. I think you need lots of TLC from us all, LOVE in bucket fulls, Mum

kirsty said...

Feel better soon Kate, lovely colours as always! I always look forward to your posts.


Catherine said...

Very pretty splashes of colour. I hope you are feeling better soon.:)

Tabiboo said...

Oh dear - no salt and vinegar crisps for a while then.

Hope all is OK?

Nina xxxx


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