Wednesday, June 16, 2010

French Lessons in Stripes.

While I was in Noumea, I picked up my favourite magazine that I never buy - Marie Claire Idees. And the crochet stripes were the most glorious I have seen in a long time. There is just so much to learn from the french. All of the projects were fantastic and included a whole section on mimosa which was just edible - I'll show more photos another time. Don't you love the dots around the edge of the page. To the side of the photo, my stripy creation is peeping. I am in the middle of making a teapot which is lots of fun but also a bit difficult because I want it to be perfect and it is not quite there.
More stripes and fantasticness. I love the multi-colour pompom.
One of my silk roses I bought from the most beautiful french woman.
And another. I was worried they wouldn't make it through customs as they look so real.


  1. that magazine looks divine! and the silk flower is beautiful :)

  2. Yummy crochet photo's, the roses are gorgeous. Your crochet looks so neat. I've just figured out the join as you go method and have been having a ball (of wool) with some bright colours from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Your photo's from the beautiful french woman's shop were lovely too.


  3. Oh...KATE!!!! I am just catching up on your blog and my oh my....I WANT TO GO ON A CRUISE NOW!!!! Its looks just so de...vine!!! xx

  4. Loving the crochet - v Anne-Claire Petit! The magazine looks gorgeous too.

  5. We've got to see you modelling the dress! I'm just catching up with all your adventures, and keep on scrolling up and down the images in the shop, and trying not to slaver over the keyboard. It must have been perfectly painful to have to leave those shoes behind. I just got back from my knitting group, and there was a lady there in the most glamorous shoes. I suddenly found myself thinking why not, glamorous shoes to knitting, wonderful! I'm usually a flat shoe person, even if I am 5 foot 2, comfort comes first. I love that french Magazine too, I own one copy of it, bought many years ago. Would be great to subscribe non?! Tres chic, or how do you say that in Japanese Kate?! Anyway, your posts I've caught up on are as yummy-licious as ever. Lots of love, Vanessa xxx



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