Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Christmas Wreaths - an early post I know...

I am still not feeling particularly wordy yet (this is a very rare affliction) but I am feeling very makingy still. Here is an unfinished wreath for my Christmas workshops - the bird will be a different colour and hopefully there will be two of them with the bunting held between their beaks and maybe even Happy Christmas in a beautiful font spelt across the bunting.
I am really enjoying this project because as each piece comes together or another idea strikes, a story begins to emerge (of what though I am not yet sure).
I also keep taking photos of the various stages so I know where to peel it back to in case it all gets a bit too O.T.T.
This is my bunting making station - a piece of string secured by sticky tape and suspended between two chairs. I then cut folded over paper into triangles, gave them a dab with a glue stick and pinched them onto the string.
Poor little paper birds who have suffered from the cruel fate of debeaking.
And this is what I have to do before the boys come home from school. Contrary to their beliefs, not every crafty material or weapon is for them.
Oooh yes, my next door neighbour - dropped these books off this afternoon for me to have a look at - isn't that just the best kind of neighbour.
Have a good night or morning...
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


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