Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Cup of Tea Morning.

As much as I love the outcome knitting Jane Brocket's cushion, I am going to crochet a back for it because I just don't have the time to knit a backside that will be hidden and take many hours.
Archie has been very busy with his plasticine and mini furniture (not doll's house furniture). I love how they have a pot plant on the table. It is so civilised.

These hands belong to my cousin Jodie who has very quickly become an accomplished knitter. I spent the whole morning at her house with another of our friends and we chatted and chatted and chatted, all the while with wool flying about the place.
This is a chair Jodie has reupholstered with some Ikea fabric...
As above.
Tonight has been a little tricky with a very tired, small boy. I think this might be a good representation of how I feel...
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Do you know Kate..I like you so much! If we lived nearby I reckon we'd be very good friends! Love the plasticine men! I'm off to work now. Sleep tight! xxx

  2. Exactly the conclusion I came to with the back Kate and I've not even got there yet, but it seems like endless work. Sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon chatting and knitting, but not so good dealing tired kiddies at the end of the day. Aaaargggh.


  3. some nice pillows and a fantastically beautiful chair!

  4. I want Jodie's chair. Is it for sale? :) Loving your cushions.
    Anne xx

  5. I prefer the back can ring the changes by turning it over too! You made me laugh with your poor old Plasticine man all crumpled in the kitchen... I know that feeling! Your little boy sounds like he is very creative too...:)x

  6. The crocheted back cover was definitely a good idea, how you sort of have two cushions! You can turn it over when you want a change.

    Love the little plastacine men!!

  7. Oh Kate your cushion is looking so beautiful!
    Think I might have to order that book too ...

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