Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A little hellooo...

I finished sewing up my circular cushion on the weekend,
And began on my next, this time taken from Jane Brocket's new book.
I am loving the colours and the pattern is wonderful to knit up but it does seem to eat up a lot more knitting than my first cushion. I do love it, but I think the first pattern probably suits me more.
This weekend we went away to the beach again and I packed up my travelling craft basket, making sure to pack as many embroidery threads as I could fit. I have to admit that this little packet lay abandoned as I ploughed my way through knitting instead.
It's good to be back home again. I feel as though I have a lot of catching up to do before becoming human again so please excuse me for such a small post.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. The pillow looks great. Any chance you can tell us where you got the pattern? I'd love to knit one up too.

    Cheers. Lori.

  2. Your cushion looks wonderful. I love the cable on the edge.
    Anne xx

  3. I love the cushion.
    I can't knit, so would have to try a crochet version.

  4. Love that pattern. I agree with you about the Jane Brockett one. It looks gorgeous, but takes an age to knit. I've added it to the finish up one day pile.


  5. Your cushion looks so pretty, glad you had a good time at the beach.

  6. Love your cushion, its so bright and happy!

  7. lovely cushion, reminds me of sunny days by the ocean. :)

    xox, C

  8. That is a lovely cushion... love the colours you have chosen... I haven't attempted short row knitting yet... this could be the inspiration I need :)x

  9. I love love love the cushion. I quite like yours better than the second version. Not being a knitter - it all looks tedious and difficult and amazing to me.
    E xx

  10. I adulation adulation adulation the cushion. I absolutely like castigation bigger than the additional version. Not getting a knitter - it all looks annoying and difficult and amazing to me.



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