Saturday, November 26, 2011

Birthdays and Christmas.

I am still in the middle of Christmas crafting. The count down is really on now isn't it...
Jonno is working again this weekend so the boys and I have been pottering around home. Archie and Hugo were spellbound by an experiment we made, picking daisies and popping them into jars of different coloured food dye and water mixes. We were amazed by how quickly they changed colour (less than an hour).

And most importantly, our very, very, very special next-door-neighbour/babysitter is having her 17th birthday today. The boys completely and utterly adore her (as do I) and so set to work making a card for her. She has started a blog which I will put up on my sidebar but for now here is her link.

I had to take a photo before they climbed the hill to our neighbours.
Is there anything more sweet than a five year old boy carrying a bunch of flowers taller than him.
Maybe an eight year old self consciously holding a bunch of roses.
I do love them.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. I love the daisies. I have to do that with the kids. And those baubles look amazing. Pattern please :)

  2. I think you may have the sweetest little boys ever.

  3. What lovely little boys you have, too sweet for words with their floral gifts. I tried the link but unfortunately it didn't work.

    Love your pastel baubles by the way, I was thinking of making some but pastel colours didn't enter my colour choices, I think you've just inspired me to change that, thanks xox

  4. They are adorable....and I tried the link, but it didn't work...

  5. WOW!! the christmas baubles are amazing! love the gold detail on the top! makes it look more christmassy :) please veryone look at my blog, im new to this whole blogging thing :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I agree with everyone else, your boys are too cute for words!!!

  7. Just catching up with all your wonderful creativity and lovely world. Loved the sight of your wee boy holding the longest bunch of flowers ever.


  8. Your boys are so sweet! I just stumbled upon your blog, I could not ignore the name, I am also greedy for colour :) Your knitted hehagon cushions are beautiful, are they easy to make those we knitted hexies? I am a beginner to knitting... I have added you to my blog linky list so I remember to pop back, a cheery hello to you!

  9. Oh thanks for some photos of green grass I so miss it!

  10. Your boys are adorable. And I love your crocheted Christmas baubles. Do you have a tutorial for them?
    x Katherine

  11. Recently found your blog.It's great!The daisies remind me of when my Grandmother would do that with her snowball bush:)

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