Sunday, November 6, 2011

Garlands, Mice and Pies.

Mum and I have been just so busy with all of our making. I think, with two big school boys, that these holidays have been our best crafty time together ever. And so, I have finished making my second headband/garland and can't wait to see it wrapped (safely) around a small child's head. Mum and I both think it would look sweet on a little bridesmaid.... I don't know any though.

Mum has made a little Hogwart's Mouse. I think it is the cutest, funniest mouse in the world.
Between the two of us we have so much wool and so many needles and hooks and bags of stuffing trailing around the house and multiplying under tables that I decided we needed a container to put everything in. I do like seeing everything entwined, it will be sad when the box is halved on Tuesday.
But thankfully there are always homemade pies and tarts to comfort me when she leaves.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Hello Kate,

    I am an avid reader of yours with my morning coffee. I also asked you a whole ago where to send baby hats in Christchurch ans I am happy to say we have sent forth 50 little coloured warm beauties to date! Thought you might like to see some sunny Aussie goodness in my shops launch at:
    Have a squizz if you get a minute!
    Thanks again for the hat info we really wanted a way to help christchurch however small if may be.
    Steph H

  2. The headband is so cute! Have a nice day!!

  3. Everything you show us in this post is cute. Have a nice Sunday!

    Greetings from Spain!

  4. Oh I love your headband. I would wear one - if we had anything like that in out house, the little one and I would be constantly arguing over who could wear it! She'd win, as it would surely look cuter on her.

    It makes me smile to think of you and your mum crafting, cooking, drinking tea and gossiping. Surely the best thing in the world to do, with the best person. Soak it up for me......

    Can you give my Stef a hug; I've tried to call her (no success). I'm missing her, thinking about her.

    Love xxxxxx

  5. Love the colours in your headband, it's beautiful. How lucky for you and your mum to have each other for crafty inspiration. melx

  6. Oh you are right your garland would look so beautiful on a little bridesmaid, I can imagine it in a lovely countryside wedding xox Enjoy the rest of your time with your mum, special memories xox

  7. Very lovely little headband so very sweet! Enjoy those lovely times together! Thanks for the sweet to read post!

  8. Love the garland, Kate, beautiful colours



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