Monday, November 14, 2011

Country and Western Style.

Over the weekend we had our school's inaugural quiz night with a country and western theme. I was put in charge of our decorating and decided to go for a very subtle prairie look (keep in mind that this is an interpretation of an Australian living in New Zealand).
I recently visited a friend who had been making Christmas decorations with air drying clay and used that inspiration for my own purposes. The above tiles were made by using a normal rubber stamp and and ink pad, pressing firmly to create an embossed look. I also made a few mini tiles for myself to use as present labels.
I then went to the $2 shop and bought a few kitschy decorations to scatter around the flowers (Archie had great fun setting this up at the venue), paper doilies for a little bit of lace and some cotton gingham squares.
For the flowers, I gathered as many weeds - clover, grasses, queen anne's lace, dandelions, wild roses and seed heads as I could and then combined them with a big bunch of beautifully scented sweet pea.
Hugo thought it was amazing and was very keen to work so I set him to filling jars with water.

For the outside veranda I used sedums (a perennial succulent) and tucked glow sticks into them so that they would look a little fireflyish - I thought by replacing candles with glow sticks might prevent a few spot fires. A fire is always such a bad way to end a quiz night I find.
And guess what.... our table came 2nd!!!!!!
This is where I will sign off. I am a little tired tonight as poor old Archie had a terrible night with croup. We almost rushed him to hospital but just as I was dressed and ready his breathing returned to normal thank goodness. A very early night to bed for us all methinks.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxooxx
p.s. I haven't proofread this as I am too tuckered out so I hope it all makes sense.


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