Monday, November 14, 2011

Country and Western Style.

Over the weekend we had our school's inaugural quiz night with a country and western theme. I was put in charge of our decorating and decided to go for a very subtle prairie look (keep in mind that this is an interpretation of an Australian living in New Zealand).
I recently visited a friend who had been making Christmas decorations with air drying clay and used that inspiration for my own purposes. The above tiles were made by using a normal rubber stamp and and ink pad, pressing firmly to create an embossed look. I also made a few mini tiles for myself to use as present labels.
I then went to the $2 shop and bought a few kitschy decorations to scatter around the flowers (Archie had great fun setting this up at the venue), paper doilies for a little bit of lace and some cotton gingham squares.
For the flowers, I gathered as many weeds - clover, grasses, queen anne's lace, dandelions, wild roses and seed heads as I could and then combined them with a big bunch of beautifully scented sweet pea.
Hugo thought it was amazing and was very keen to work so I set him to filling jars with water.

For the outside veranda I used sedums (a perennial succulent) and tucked glow sticks into them so that they would look a little fireflyish - I thought by replacing candles with glow sticks might prevent a few spot fires. A fire is always such a bad way to end a quiz night I find.
And guess what.... our table came 2nd!!!!!!
This is where I will sign off. I am a little tired tonight as poor old Archie had a terrible night with croup. We almost rushed him to hospital but just as I was dressed and ready his breathing returned to normal thank goodness. A very early night to bed for us all methinks.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxooxx
p.s. I haven't proofread this as I am too tuckered out so I hope it all makes sense.


  1. oh, as usual, love love love your styling. Those sweet vases filled with 'weeds'!
    (I keep remembering Stef's wedding - so pretty).

    I often think, when I have to rush the kids to the hospital will I stop to get dressed or wear the daggy whatever I currently have on?

  2. Hi Kate, love love love those tiles, what an excellent idea, think I might steal it and make some Christmas ones for myself!! haha... I love a good quiz night, yours looks like it would have been gorgeous with those sweet pea weed posies, you are very clever with your styling! I hope you have a more restful week ahead of you! Cheers julie :)

  3. Look like you had fun, those flowers are amazing. I hope you wee man gets better soon.

  4. Looks great, glad your table won.

  5. This is la lovely post! Thanks for some flowers on my all the wy in New York!

  6. Hi!

    Just stumble upon your blog via pinterest! Love your tuturial on tulle flowers. Must try them with my kids (I have 5 kids between 1 year old and 7 year)

    When my kids have the croups the best treatment (we have been to the hospital many nights and have got to try a lot of prescriptions) is
    1. Cool air
    2. Give them an icecube to chew on (as soon as you hear the first "barking cough")
    3. By a really good humidifier that you keep going in the kids room all night during the croups (mine usually get is several nights in a row)

    //Anna, living at the other side of the world - SWEDEN

  7. Adore it all of it except the bit about Archie's croup!! xxx



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