Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ziss Week.

I love my little teensy tiny and very old fashioned rose. The only problem is that they are too small to go in even my smallest vase so what to do with them - pop them into a miniature salt shaker which a friend gave to me a long time ago.
This week has been very quiet. Archie recovered well from his bout of croup but we have all been left pretty exhausted. Usually I can't wait until night time when the boys are in bed, the really good shows have started on t.v. and I can dive into a project. However, over the past few nights I have been lying aimlessly on the couch, counting down the minutes until I can slink off to bed. Last night my lights were out before 9pm - unheard of!!!
So not much to offer up on the making front I'm afraid. Hugo and Jonno have been busy though. Hugo decided to make another butterfly house with my cake cover and became very frustrated after setting it up nicely with flowers and leaves, when he couldn't find anything to occupy it. Jonno is such a nice dad that he snuck away, found a cutting stamp/thing and some pink cardboard and made butterflies. He then filled up Hugo's net and came into the room shaking them up as though they could really fly.
Hugo was thrilled.
This is my only contribution to creativity this week. A stripy back for my hexie cushion.
This post is being written from bed. It is mid morning and there seems little point in rushing around. I have an addictive book, Gabrielle Hamilton's 'Blood Bones and Butter', clean sheets, boys doing farmy things with Jonno and a headache. I ask you... what would you do?
Have a good weekend.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


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