Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family and other Lovely Creatures.

Mum flew away today, taking with her these friendly little creatures she has been crocheting during her stay.
This is what they looked like before they were packed away in their special ice cream container suitcase. Don't you just love Mr. Pongo and Mrs. Pongo at the back next to the Hogwart's mouse. Mr. Pongo is obviously so proud to be married to Mrs. Pongo.
My niece and nephew are staying with us tonight and my niece Rose was very happy to be a garland wearer for me (Archie rebelled). She did try to convince me into letting her wear it for school photos but I had to explain that it was for an auction and promised to make her one for Christmas instead.... Can you tell that I love making them.
This is the same one being worn in reverse.
This little bear called Dave has been packed away in my Mum's suit case and is heading towards a baby fair my sister is holding for her children's kindergarten in Euroa, Australia. I will have to get the details and post them before the big day - it really is going to be a beautiful event and I wish I could go. It was a poignant moment when Dave said good bye to the dragon. He always found him so easy to talk to.
And this is a pattern for angel wings that I had to write out for Mum before she left this morning. I crocheted a wing and sewed it to the pattern so that she could inspect it row by row. Hopefully (with life finding a way to go to plan), I will be able to post it on Thursday.
My goodness it has been a big day so I will sign off now and snuggle down on the big blue couch to catch up on a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


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