Thursday, January 12, 2012

Behind the Scenes.

Here are a few sneak peeks of some projects I have been working on at the moment. Above is my wicker bicycle basket which I am so ridiculously excited over - it is still very much a work in progress. Only a few more days though and then I will be able to ride to the shops and put milk (bottled - wicker is quite porous) in it. It will be the most fancily delivered milk ever...
Crown progress is coming on. The pattern for an adult is very similar to the toddler's but ties at the back.

The toddler crown is crocheted in a circle.
And this is the tiny and very much experimental beginning of a new phase where papier mache and crochet get to make a forest together. I have been getting into the habit of showing a piece only when it is finished. This year I really want to show my workings more on the blog and record the making of it to show how things evolve.
So this stumpy thing is the beginning of a tree pattern. I like the logginess of it but am needing to work on tapering the end more.
The biggest whack of inspiration came from Archie's casual draping of the crown over the hill. I love it and now need to find a way to work them together. It's all very castley.

Right now I am revelling in some hard won peace between the boys (they certainly have many moments that are not worth photographing for the blog), marvelling in two days without rain (not including showers during the night) and roasting a chicken in milk which according to this recipe by Jamie Oliver is a very sensible thing to do. And it smells so good already.
Have a lovely day/night.
Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Oh my goodness I adore your bike basket!

  2. so love your projects- the workings and the finished products!

  3. oh my goodness that crown is absolutely adorable!
    if i could crochet I would definitely make one of those and decorate my bike basket with such cuteness too!
    gorgeous Kate ♥

  4. You are so talented! I've recently found your blog and am so enjoying it.

  5. That is possibly the cutest bunting I have ever seen!! I love the idea of the crochet and papier mache combo too - can't wait to see the finished results.

  6. Aboslute cuteness. Paper mache and crochet.. will wonders never cease.

  7. oh how i would love my basket to look like that, gorgeous crochet bunting :-)

  8. I WANT a bicycle basket just so that I can put crochet bunting on it!! Fabulous!

  9. Oh I wish I lived nearby so -
    + I could come for crochet practice with you
    + see you riding around on your bike with sweetest bunting basket ever - wearing your wonderful yellow shoes + tutu!!! Oh me. Oh my!!!! Love love.
    We are planning a tutu party here - will you sparkle along please with your crochet crown as well...

    Can I possibly order a little girls crochet crown from you (her birthday is in 3 weeks). I know I could never make something as sweetly wonderful as yours..... Are you taking custom orders??

    PS - how is Stef and her little baby? She's here already, isn't she? Does she have a name? Please give Stef big kisses for me - school holidays have been hectic, so I haven't made it to a phone to call her.

    Enjoy your dress up days + peace with the boys (please tell me your trick; my kids are driving us crazy!!!).

  10. Very nice indeed! Thanks for this!



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