Thursday, January 26, 2012

Summer Magic.

Let me first begin by saying we are so, so, so very lucky that Jonno has a good job and that he is an extremely hard worker with a wonderful work ethic, but, it also means that family holidays with us all together are few and far between. It also means that he often works 7 days a week and during the busier parts of the year, this can be for quite a run of months. The thing with Jonno though, is that the moment he is home, he is completely onboard gives his all to the boys (and of course to me too).
As a result, when we do find ourselves on a family holiday, we revel in every minute of it and if the weather is good, then so much the better.
This holiday has found us almost in our own backyard, Waihi Beach way.
We have swum, ridden bikes, walked, explored and even made things...
It has been so good for my soul to see the boys full of adventure, happiness and health. They are almost sleek with it (I must add here that the summer holidays certainly did not begin this way).

I have made batch after batch of melting moment biscuits for the beach - they seem to be the best way of warding off sea water shivers. Fortunately the boys eat them before I can have too many.

And seeing Jonno dolphin about with the boys in the water has just been fantastic.

Nothing like little boy's fingernails covered in nail polish and sand.
And the other thing which is so good about being here - that if Jonno has to go home and roll silage (which he will have to do tomorrow), it only takes half an hour to get there and the boys and I can continue on with our holiday, swimming and swimming and swimming.
Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.


  1. We're holidaying at Waihi Beach too. Such a fantastic place and what amazing weather we are having. Might have seen you down on the beach. Enjoy the rest of your time. Cx

  2. What a wonderful place to holiday just 1/2 an hour away. very special memories for you and your family xox

  3. Such a perfect way to spend your holiday, pure relaxation by the looks of it! And when you work so hard those moments are so precious, enjoy your holiday!

  4. Ah Kate, your beautiful photos have made me miss NZ again (as always!) Every time I read one of your posts I think 'right, that's it - we're moving back there'. How wonderful for small boys to have all that amazing space to run and explore - that's just how it should be when you're young and male!
    I saw a brilliant stripy bicycle seat cover on Pinterest the other day, but can't for the life of me think how to get a link to it. Anyway, I thought you'd appreciate it if you ever managed to track it down.
    Emily x

  5. Hi Kate! I just had to pop in and tell you I LOVE your bloggy goodness! I found you by way of Attic24 (thanks Lucy!) and now I feel like I could be the spokesperson for bloggy addiction. "Hi, my name is Chris. I'm follower number 854 and I love this blog." Seriously - you have so many great fun things here! Xoxo

  6. Love your blog, I also found it by a link from Lucy of attic24's blog.
    I've linked yours to mine so more get to see your lovely world
    I can't seem to comment using my id to log in...don't know why.




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