Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Bribe/Reward....

First of all, thank you so much for all of your comments - they brought a huge smile to my face this morning (making me look slightly maniacal in the cafe while I use their internet again....).
Archie accompanied me on a big bicycle ride today and was treated to an icy-pole as a reward.... He even posed by the bike for me which was very obliging of him, particularly as he wore a green shirt which provided a wonderful back ground for the crochet.
Can you imagine how happy I was with the yellow shop!!!
Once again, few words as I always feel a little self conscious using someone else's wifi (very grateful though). I promise there will be non bike related posts again but at the moment I it's hard to think about anything else. If only I could crochet a cover for my car seat - I don't think that will happen somehow - it might perhaps be the beginning of the end... or maybe not.
Back on my bike,
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.
p.s. if anyone does any bike pimping please leave a comment because I would LOVE to see what you do and how you do it. xxooxxooxx.


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