Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Anzac Day With Hugo.

 Last night we had the very strange event of having just one boy at home - Hugo. Archie had the wonderful opportunity to stay the night with his grandparents followed by a trip to the Anzac Dawn Service wearing his great grandfather's medals. And so, Hugo revelled in sole attention from his parents.
I always find that one on one time is a special thing and I love it when the boys have the chance to do something different from each other. Hugo celebrated his early morning by watching all the cartoons he is not usually allowed to. I came downstairs and found him a little chilled - it's always such a lovely thing to swaddle a little child in crocheted blankets.
 Hugo then spent the morning (wearing pyjamas), decorating plates with ceramic markers.
 I loved the designs he came up with and could easily order a dinner set if he had the patience... which unfortunately he doesn't - it's almost as though he is a six year old or something....

 So cute!!!!
Apparently this one is to put my tea cup on.... or pour tea onto and drink from it - either way....
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Hugo you are a real artist!!
    xxx Alessandra

  2. Cute picture of Hugo, cozily covered in thos beautiful blankets.
    Have a great day,
    Ana BC

  3. What lovely plates Hugo, I'll have a set of six please!

  4. Awww those plates are just beautiful!

  5. Awww those plates are just beautiful!

  6. Those plates are amazing! I love the colors, they're so bright.

  7. I would totally order a set of plates!

  8. Que familia linda.
    Minha filha Barbara chupava o dedo igual ao seu filho quando ela era pequena. Que saudades que dá de quando eles são bem pequenos...
    Um abraço.

  9. Hi Kate! Hugo has definitely inherited your eye for colour and design...I too would order a whole set of those. Give him a high 5 from me! (Did you notice me getting down with the kids there, Kate?)Regarding emmigration plans...sadly they were Mr Wonderfuls plans not mine but he has put them on hold for now till we can work out where we go from here. If Jenny was older and I didn't have my lovely ABH I would be away in a heartbeat but the time just isn't right. One day maybe my friend. I could be your other neighbour! Hope all's well. Much love to you and all your boys and Mum xxxxxxx

  10. Oh the apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it? My boy loves his colour too. His best friend drew him a card just with lead pencil and my boy looked at me with a very confused face and earnestly asked where all the colours were? melx

  11. It's always special to get some one on one time with your child and also to see what they come up with without their siblings around! Those plates are gorgeous! Now I wonder where he gets his creativity from? Heehee!
    Helen x



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