Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Things and Little Things.

What a wonderful whirlwind of a week! Just Archie and myself while Jonno and Hugo are road tripping in the South Island. Archie has had sleep overs and bowling and movies and takeaways and early birthday presents - all in all, an almost-nine year old's dream week. I've loved it too and even managed to do lots and lots of sewing (including two new dresses which I will show in another post).
At the moment I am making a messenger bag with some precious Nani Iro oilcloth I have had squirreled away for a couple of years. The yellow lining fabric is from Spotlight and I love the ice-creaminess of it.
This is my new pride and joy - a brand new enamel cast iron 6 litre pot. I have a fantastic smaller one that I use about three times a week but have wanted one that I could cook ginormous stews in. I have a big slow cooker which is great, but the flavours never develop like they do in cast iron. For those of you in New Zealand, they are on sale at Stevens for $79 - a little cheaper than Le Creuset methinks.
My other new favourite thing in the kitchen is this painting given to me by my neighbour (it is not by her though though - I have dropped a few birthday hints for one of those). The row of quince sitting next to it have now been stewed and have turned into the most edible, caramel(y) treats for when my Mum comes to stay next month. I love them so much.
Archie and I are flying down to the South Island soon to join the boys on the last leg of their trip. I suspect by the time we get there it will be quite chilly, so I took my duffel coat to the dry cleaners in readiness. I can't wait to be wearing it again, I feel like I am legally snuggled in a big blanket out in public.
Stef the bride came over yesterday with baby Evelyn. She put her down for a moment on the beanbag and the next thing we new, there was a sleeping baby in our midst.
I love how they can sleep soundly with a room of noise swirling around them. There is nothing like the sight of a sleeping baby.
Actually yes there is, a freshly just woken up one. I love those merry eyes.
Hope you are having a lovely Easter.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Nice pics and pretty enamel pot!
    Oh, that sleeping baby is adorable, makes me want to go to bed right now


  2. Oh That Baby!!!!! Stef The Bride did well...really well. It's good to have the chance to miss your menfolk isn't it? And to have a little one on one time too. xxxx

  3. I finally chatted with Stef yesterday, while little Evie slept. Stef was playing monopoly with the other two.
    I miss her so much. These photos are simply lovely. I really really am glad that she has you as a friend - what a good friend you are to have.

    And what a divine bean bag to fall asleep in. I'd like to sleep in that.
    Happiest Chocolate day xxx

  4. That beanbag looks amazingly comfy, I could fall asleep on it right now! Sounds like a wonderful week.

  5. I want to reach in and pick that gorgeous little bundle of joy up and give her a big cuddle! What lovely photographs. My little bit of joy is probably not too far from you, north of Auckland, while we are back home here in Norfolk UK. But they are coming to stay this (UK) summer! Yippeee. My own cuddles.

  6. oooops, forgot to add my blog. (Just getting used to this, all a bit new to me!) Lx

  7. Gorgeous post love the fabric, love the pot, love the baby, love the duffel! Wonderful, Happy Easter to you and your boys!

  8. What a sweet baby!

    I can't wait to see that bag! That oil cloth looks fab!


  9. I'm coveting that bag already. When you get back I want the pattern! I bet you're as happy as a bunny in clover to be back with Jonno and Hugo, hope you have a wonderful time in the wild south, but I miss you already! Honey Bunny is fine and getting thoroughly spoilt with treats and cuddles. Love u lots xxx

  10. I admire your ability to pick up an iron pan that size!
    I also have an almost 9 yr old...unfortunately it has been a week of hospital appointments and splints to help his feet. Still, I can't believe he will be 9 soon!

  11. It sounds like a wonderful week with your little one and what a sweet baby!
    I'm wondering if you made the bean bag? It looks so comfy!

  12. That precious baby girl! I just love your blog and all the beautiful things you show us. I really liked the crochet eggs in the last post and want to try them for next Easter.All of your colors make me smile!

  13. she's so cute. i love to watch my baby sleep. send free text messages at



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