Friday, April 20, 2012

Birthdays and Homecomings.

 Today we arrived home happy, tired and very excited to be in living quarters with so much space!!! We arrived midday in time to cook a roast as requested by Archie who turned nine today! I can't believe I have a big nine year old boy. And he is so big too - our feet are the same size (actually, his are a smidgen bigger).
 Today I thought I would show you a few photos of the boys in all of their knitted goods. Archie likes to call himself Wool-f boy as he loves wolves and adores having things knitted for him. Jonno is wearing a jumper knitted by his mum and a beanie knitted by me. Archie is wearing fingerless mittens and a jumper knitted by me and a beanie made by Jonno's mum, Gran Gran.
 All three boys in hand knits beach patrolling.
 I have a little pattern in my head for Archie's mittens so I will type it down soon - it's for age 6 - 10.
 Here is Hugo in a jumper I first knitted for Archie when he was six. I only every make jumpers for Archie to fit him for one season so they are still in good condition for when Hugo receives them. I then make Hugo wear them for years....
 This year Archie decided he wanted a hoodie (I will post the details I promise). He has worn it every day over the last two weeks which is wonderful.

 Although now we are in Tauranga it will probably have a few weeks break. I can't get over how warm it is now we are home. No more layer upon layer of merino for us anymore.
Anyhoo, this big boys is nine and I think the last nine years have been spectacular with him on this planet. I love him.

Lots and lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. It's amazing how time flies Kate. Before you know it your boys will be giants and off on their own adventures! And they will have such wonderful memories of their special family holidays, mine still talk about our windswept freezing holidays camping and caravanning in Cornwall!
    Happy Birthday to your great big nine year old!

  2. Happy birthday Archie! Little Son is nine in december and it seems no time since I brought him home for the first time and he was so small I had to roll the end of his sleepsuit up. Lily. xxx

  3. Warm? Oh how quickly we become acclimatised. I think it's freezing. Nice to have you home, will def catch up soon!

  4. It's too late to ring! Didn't realise you were getting home today, will call tomorrow. Happy Birthday Arch! Love A. Lucy xoxoxo

  5. Wonderful woolens and memories...

    Happy Birthday to Archie from the east coast of the United States...

  6. Is it a bit wrong to go Mmmmm at someone else's husband, wearing a jumper knitted for him by his Mum?

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