Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bad Habit Bear.

 Ummm, so I came home today and found this going on..... I think John the Bear may have a slight problem - aside from the fact that the billiard balls have been triangulated in the wrong direction.
 Oh look, how funny. You can see him realising it.
 He's fallen in with a rough crowd. 
 And now has to prove himself.
 So much is riding on this break.
The tension amongst his "friends" is palpable. 
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. How fun... Maybenthismcould be the start of a cute story book ??? Huuummmm!

  2. Oh that is so cute. Definitely a book possibility there!

  3. ....yeah! a nice picture book!! and so funny!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  4. haha he sure has his adventures!

    BTW, thanks for the tip in your last blog about the chalk priming, it turned out great on my door!

    xx Kirsten

  5. Stanley really isn't happy in the last photo huh?!

    You could sell these scenes as greetings cards or notelets I'm sure.



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