Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Liberty, Velvet and Chalk.

 Mum is due to arrive tomorrow and I have spent the morning making her bed, sewing cushions and trying to keep my ridiculously surging excitement under control. Aggggghhhhhh!
 I bought the navy blue velvet cover yesterday. It is like nestling your head against the furry underside of a bumblebee. Archie is desperate to claim the cushion but I know there is a place for it in my room once Mum leaves.
After making the first Liberty cushion cover, I knew a second one was calling. I love how they are snuggled up together looking out the window.
 Doesn't the navy blue cushion look proud of its little friends.
 They lub each other.
 Now all we need is a Gaga (Mum) to complete the picture.
Oh yes, here are some books waiting for her.
And if you were wondering what's in the yellow striped mug.... It's chalk.
Lots of love,
Kate xxxxx.
p.s. Hurry up Mum!!!


  1. How lucky am I! I can hardly believe I am to be resting my head amongst those cushions....and look at those books! Love Mum

  2. Wow - the room looks fabulous and so welcoming all made up. Love the cushions - can I come and stay.

    Have a fabulous time with your Mum - hope she brings warm fine weather with her.

  3. Wow! I wish I was coming myself! But I might not get my head out of the books to talk to you... which might be okay anyway! Love the bumblebee cushion - make sure you check mum's bags before she leaves to come home!

  4. How fun and exciting to have your Mum come to visit ( I wish mine would come to see me, but she's too worried and scared(?) of traveling anymore.
    Enjoy your time with your mom :)

  5. Like all the other comments say: "I wish I was your mum"

    That way I could lay my head upon that soft cushion, I could read all day and I could make great drawings with those chalks.

    I bet you will be making cake and other nice bakery as well.

    Lucky mum!

    Enjoy (both of you)!

  6. Have a lovely time with your Mum. the bedroom looks really inviting and cosy. I love the blackboard wall. Lily. xxx

  7. Oh Kate ...it all looks so lovely! Your Mum will be so cosy in there. If I were her I think I would hold court from my bed for the whole visit! I hope you all have a gorgeous time together.Jenny is just getting over a 2nd operation. She is coping so well, really amazing, she is. But we knew that didn't we? She starts chemo and radiotherapy next Monday so please remember her in your prayers Kate xxxxx

  8. is there anything better than a liberty cushion, I don't think so!

    hope you have a special time with your Mum staying ...

    Barbara x

  9. I love it when my mum (and dad!) come to stay, getting the place tidied and making it all nice and then yayy they're here!



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