Monday, May 20, 2013

Washi Tape, Scrabble and Blackboards.

 This weekend was pretty special. Lots of little things that added up to wonderful. The boys and I went to the library on Saturday morning (I really should have taken a photo of our book stacks for this post) and then Stef came around in the afternoon with a 10th birthday present for Archie. 
The present of course was amazing - if you are needing presents for 10 year old boys, you can't beat a tin full of science experiment cards AND a mini book-sized pool table. The boys played with it all weekend. However, what really impressed me was the wrapping. Archie knows and understands me well, see how carefully the paper was removed....
 Washi tape wizardry.
 Later on our neighbours came over for a curry and scrabble night. Jonno had to show us his letters as he came up with a new chicken flavoured fizzy drink which he is sure will be a big hit.
 During the early hours of Sunday morning, I dreamt that I was painting a big old Victorian house. And so upon waking and in a decorating kind of mood, I finally painted the blackboard wall I have had earmarked for quite some time. Hugo helped too.
 And did the final coat this morning (nothing in this photo is actually touching the wall and it was dry by the time I pushed everything back). I can't wait to season it (you rub chalk sideways over the whole wall and then wipe it off) and then be able to draw all over it. A pretty good transformation for $25.
 I think it is going to be a great background for photography too so I am really excited.
Those colours are doing it for me.

Lots of love, Kate xxx.
p.s. Jonno and I saw Iron Man 3 yesterday afternoon and it was insanely good - my favourite so far and hysterically funny. I hooted loudly and often.


  1. It's amazing and fantastic! Glad to hear I have another seven years to go!

  2. I can't wait to put my head on the pillow and have my white hair shining brightly against the black! It looks amazing, even Pa is looking as we speak and I heard a quiet chuckle of admiration! Love Mum

  3. It looks fabulous with the bed in front of it.

    Sounds as though your library trips are a lot like mine.

    Have to ask - where did you get your coffee mug?

  4. That's an amazing idea!! I was so psyched about it I blogged a bit about it as well :) Love the idea!

  5. I'm happy for you and all these beautiful things you've done! :) I hope we will become friends. a big kiss! ps: the wall is beautiful.

  6. love your blackboard wall!!! What a good idea!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  7. Gorgeous as always. I agree , those colours against the blackboard do look fab. Isn't blackboard paint such a wonderful invention? I look forward to seeing what you draw on it!

  8. When I saw the first photo of Hugo painting the wall my first thought was "black?!" but the next photo - well wow!! It works so well! Really makes your bedspread stand out, I actually love it! can't wait to see what you end up doodling :)

  9. Wow ... I love the wall...I'm thinking about doing it on my dining room wall and then writing recipes or menu ideas o should be fun...can't wait to see it when you write something on it :)

  10. Kate,

    Ingenious! That black wall makes the colour of everything else in the room pop! And the kids can draw all they want on the wall now. I should give this a try too.



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