Monday, May 13, 2013

How to Crochet an Apple.

 As International Yarn Bombing Day rapidly approaches (I think June 12th), I thought I,d better get the apple pattern/recipe up on the blog! Although usually I am all for going multicoloured, I have to say, the apples looked ridiculously effective all being a uniform red.... not as much fun though - see I have already rebelled by adding a green one to the photo. Just saying though...

red (or any colour) 8 ply (any ply is fine too)
Brown 4 or 8 ply yarn
green felt
either a size 3.5mm or 4mm crochet hook

ch = chain
slst = slip stitch
sc = single crochet (u.s.) this is dc or double crochet in u.k. terms
st/s = stitch/es
yarn (a) = red
yarn (b) = brown

N.B. All rounds are crocheted in continuous spirals.

Using yarn (a) ch 2, 6 sc into second ch from hook. Ss into first sc. (6)
Round 1. 2sc into each st until the end of the round. (12)
Round 2. *1sc into the first st then 2sc into following st. *Repeat until end. (18)
Round 3. *1sc into next 2 sts then 2sc into the following st. *Repeat until end. (24)
Round 4. 1sc into every st until the end of the round. (24)
Round 5. *1sc into the next 3 sts then 2sc into the following st. *Repeat until end. (30)
Rounds 6-7. 1sc into every st until the end of the round. (30)
Round 8. *1sc into the next 4 sts then 2sc into the following st. *Repeat until end. (36)
Rounds 9-11. 1sc into every st until the end of the round. (36)
Round 12. *1sc into the following 5 sts then skip the following st. *Repeat until end. (30)
Round 13. 1sc into every st until the end of the round. (30)
Round 14. *1sc into the following 4 sts then skip the following st. *Repeat until end. (24)
Round 15. *1sc into the following 3 sts then skip the following st. *Repeat until end. (18)
Round 16. *1sc into the following 2 sts then skip the following st. *Repeat until end. (12)
Stuff firmly.
Round 18. *1sc every 2nd st. *Repeat until end. (6)
Bind off with a needles leaving a 40cm tail.

 Thread the tail through the centre top (the top is where you have just finished crocheting) and pull it firmly through to the bottom. This is what gives the apple its shape. 
p.s. You may notice that in this photo I made a mistake and started crocheting in hdc (htc in uk terms) - I had just finished crocheting a hot water bottle and my hand kept wanting to do that stitch. It was at the bottom and I am pretty forgiving of mistakes these days. 
 Pull back up through to the top. 
 Fasten off securely and the tuck the tail back into the apple. 
 Thread the needle with a 125cm length of yarn (b) if you are going to be tying your apple to a tree. Otherwise a 40cm length will suffice. Bring it down through the centre top of the apple to the centre bottom.
 If you don't require a long length for tying and don't want a leaf, let 1-2cm remain at the top to form a stalk.
 Now tie a double knot at the base of the apple to form the - oh dear, I can't think of the term - naval? No.... that would kind of be the top. You know, the brown tufty bit at the bottom.... and don't be too rude now.

 Whatever it is called, there it is.... If you are going to use the apple either for hanging or wanting to give it a leaf, or both... rethread the wool back up through the apple to the centre top. If not, tuck the tail into the apple and snip off the excess yarn.
 Now, cut a little leaf shape from the felt.
 Stitch on with the wool firmly.
 Et voila, an apple with a tail for tying....
 Et voila, an apple with a leaf and stalk.
Bottle immediately for maximum freshness.

Good luck and any questions asked will be answered in the comment section below.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. thank you for sharing this delicious pattern! ;) it is very smile-inducing. at least a few will be made for year-end teacher's gifts.

    best - annri

  2. ohhh thanks for sharing! cant wait to make some!

  3. Thank you Kate so much for this! I think I could do with a few apples hung on trees around here, they are so cute! I didn't know there was a world yarn bombing day, so thanks for the heads up!
    Have a great day, Julie x

  4. Off to buy some red wool....

    They are great, thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks for sharing, these are so so beautiful. Your school tree efforts were great but I think you need a few other mums on board to work as a team. I just posted recently on our school fig tree that was yarn bombed 12 months ago for the school fete, it all remainds intact and just as splended a year on. mel x

  6. A cute...and if you follow what they " an apple a day... Keeps the doctor away" should be feeling better now. Hope it's true :)

  7. Very nice. I made some for decoration. They are looking very cute. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Thank you. Lovely simple and effective. I'm looking at my garden and thinking.....

  9. Oh i love apple! Your apple is very nice!

  10. Очень красиво, интересно и позитивно!
    Хорошего дня!

  11. Cute! These would make really nice Christmas decorations too, not sure why but we used to have plastic apples on our tree and my boyfriends parents still do :)

  12. Thank you so much for your tutorial - I love them xxx

  13. Wow super cute crochet apples! Love them.
    From, Danielle

  14. I will be bonbing at school now that I know there's an internatioanl day for it. They could do with brightening things up a bit, and then the teachers can all have one afterwards. I do enjoy reading your blog, it makes me giggle. Thanks, Kate :)

  15. oh dear, ipad typing is the worst : bombing, and of course, international. Sorry.

  16. They look so perfect made by you :) I going to try this tutorial and hope my apples are just as perfect as yours! Thank you for sharing!

    Sofia G

  17. Soooo cute! Ty for sharing the pattern.

    I can't think what the tufty bit is called either, tho I could be rude. I will refrain.

  18. These apples are great fun. I shall be trying them myself, to add to my top secret crochet project. :-)

  19. Thank you for this pattern, it´s exactly what I ´ m looking for

  20. May I ask, what happened to Rnd 17? You went from 16 to 18 & skipped 17, or was 18 supposed to be 17? :-)



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