Monday, December 8, 2008

In Defense of Naps - by a passionate advocate

The other day I was wondering in the new age section of the library when my mother-in-law's familiar face suddenly popped around the corner with a cheery grin. I think I must have been a bit tired because it took a couple of minutes to place her, so startled was I in my post weekend haze. Fortunately Hugo said "Gran-gran" and I gathered my thoughts together to form a fully functioning brain and could indeed recognise Maureen as Jonno's mother and my M.I.L. for the last eight years. Maureen, I am sure will testify that I looked extremely vacant at the time. Anyway, she handed me an article saying I needed to read it and I politely nodded then put it in my bag.
Of course I forgot about it for a week until today when she began to say intriguing things linking back to the article. Once again I nodded politely then ran home to read it, thankful as I plunged my hand into the darkened nether regions of my bag that it was still neatly folded, ready to yield its knowledge like a pearl in its clammy house. Hopefully that wasn't too graphic for any potential readers.
As I have written many times, I am an avid napper. I would say it is my main hobby (my crafts and book reading are classified separately under life purpose) and I am very, very good at it. I have been practising religiously for years and taught my family how to do it as each member was born. The fact that Jonno was already a napper from a family of nappers was definitely in his favour. And this luminous newspaper article clipped from the NZ Herald on Wednesday, November 26 was titled, "Take a nap, it's good for you". Hold me close, I whispered.
Maureen very kindly underlined the most salient (I love that word, it is just how I felt back in the womb) points, and so my eyes under her mystical guidance were drawn to the writer's loving murmur that "taking a nap may boost a sophisticated kind of memory that helps a person see the big picture and get creative". I always say that I wake up from a nap with my best ideas and a sudden comprehension of how to achieve them. So much more effective than spending hours at a drawing board nutting through a problem and also probably why it has been so many years since I was last gainfully employed. Apparently, when you are being paid, it is not on to say, "Just let me nap man, I will have it sorted. Now, where can I lay my mattress". I think that is also why I like kindergarten and my first year of school, there was scheduled napping time... I don't think they do that any more.
Jonno's theory of, well let's call the creative evolution of an idea an epiphany (or as they say in Wales, epiphanway) is strikingly brilliant. He feels that there is a strong correlation between losing a thought midstream and the random, unexplained implantation of an epiphany to be strongly linked. He has noticed that when he goes for walks, he picks up all sorts of thoughts and has started to wonder if he is collecting the lost ideas of others. As though they are hovering in the air waiting for a freshened mind to catch them like an unwitting butterfly net. Something to ponder or collect.


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